Where industry get trained, Davinci Media College is a studio integrated training institution for 3D Animation, Visual Effects & Editing,Film Direction, Game Design, Visual Communication and DI Colorist.


To bridge the gap of required talents between the Industry and Institution,
Davinci Media College is providing a complete knowledge with well balanced real work experience to the students. The courses are designed in such a way to provide the skill set needed for opportunities available in the job market.


We are committed to raise the level of Indian Animation, VFX, Game Design and related areas to International Standards and Exceed, by Quality Training.


At our background, we have Digital Magic Visuals (I) Ltd, 3D Animation & post-production studio which provides its services for both film & video industry nearly two decades. With the guidance of M. Arul Moorthy, founder & the Managing Director, Digital Magic has been at the heart of innovation, with many achievements in the creative arena of the industry. Many technicians – Animators, Editors, Visual Effects Artists who have been inspired and trained by him, are holding very good positions both inside and outside India.

Digital Magic : Our Background

It was the year 1996, when Digital Magic opened it’s doors for weaving the magic in the visual medium. 20 Years have passed, and we are thriving with the same or more energy than when it started to create fantastic visuals for varied projects like Feature film, TV commercials & Animation.

Digital Magic has done post work in various formats for 350+ movies in these years. It also has created milestones such as FIRST 3D Stereoscopic work for feature films (My Dear Kuttichathan – 1996), FIRST Digital Feature film (Mutham-2002), FIRST Full length virtual set song (Muhavari – 2000). And the innovation continues. We have created various pipeline and techniques that still inspires everyone, and useful to the industry.

We take this opportunity to thank all our clients, friends and well wishers who have been instrumental in this journey, and we look forward for the continued support in the coming years.

Davinci Media College is the only institute which has direct expertise from the industry over 3 decades.Spanning expertise in Animation, Visual Effects, Digital post Production, Digital Cinema, Virtual reality.. It is defintely the only media institute which has a deep Research and Innovation mindset that keeps breaking new grounds in the industry.


To create the highly skilled artistic-technicians to work in the AVGC sector and bridge the gap between the industry and institutions. To achieve this objective, Davinci management and staff work constatntly learning, improvising and innovating teaching methods. While we want to achieve this objective, we also give equal care in making the learning process as fun-filled experience.

Our Achievements in the past

♦  Introduced and Promoted Digital Cinema in India.

♦  Produced India’s First Digitally Produced Movie in 2002.

♦  Created Animation & VFX for India’s first 3D Stereoscopic movie.

♦  VFX supervisor for 360 Feature Films in various Indian languages.

♦  Post production for more than 3500 films.

♦  Innovated full real time, interactive 3D animation system.

♦  Innovated VR experience as combination of Gaming and Excercise.

♦  Trained some of the top technicians in the movie and TV industry.


♦  Courses recognised by UGC approved university in India.

♦  Courses recognised by NSDC – MESC (Govt. of India).

♦  State of the art campus with all the facilities.

♦  Industry professionals as lecturers.

♦  Dynamic Curruculum as per the industry needs.

♦  All rounded training including soft skills, health and social behaviour.

Digital Magic : Our Background

♦  A pioneering studio in India with 21 years of successful operation.

♦  Created VFX, Animation, Digital Cinema services for more than 360 movies.

♦  Worked for Major feature film clients in all Indian movie industries.

♦  A centre of innovation in the media industry where others would replicate.

♦  Have trained many senior technicians in the industry as internship partner with Davinci Media College.