Here some of Frequently Asked Questions by students/parents



1. What is the difference between Davinci method of teaching and regular colleges?

Davinci founder has been the in the Animation, Visual Effects, Editing, Digital Post-Production, Digital Cinema industry at various levels of his career. This helps Davinci to choose the right faculties, adapting to the changes in the industry and motivating the students to perform at their best.

This results in practical learning with true understanding of the basics of their subjects. Davinci also adds a lot more syllabus in their curriculum compared to any other regular university degree. This is all focused towards a single goal of JOB READY status on completion of the course. This is a reason, many students from other colleges are coming to Davinci to acquire their true skills in their chosen subjects.

2.Is studying at Davinci restricts students from having fun?

Davinci has been considered as the best place for any youngster to start their career, as we focus complete development of the students. This includes soft skills,best life style knowledge, communication skills. sports activities apart from the core subject matter. Since the teaching is totally project based, and students are guided personally, they seems to enjoy the subject. Any student, who wants to gain a good place in the industry and have a secured future in the media industry will love studying at Davinci.

3.What is the procedure for getting admissions?

  1. Call us to check out whether you are qualified for the course you are willing to take.
  2. We will also help you to choose the right course that is suitable to your goal, time and budget.
  3. You can register by paying the registration amount.
  4. Your admission letter will be sent. It will also inform you the necessary documents (your previous educational qualification / Transfer certificate etc) that you need to submit at the time of admission. You will also be informed about the payment schedule, and course commencement date.
  5. You will arrive for admission on the indicated date, make the payments and course starts.

4.Can I change the course from one specialization to another?

  1. We respect your choice and ability to do a particular course. So you can change the subject from one to another with in the first semester, as the in the first semester the basics are covered mainly.

5.Do I get the university Id card and others to ensure that I am studying a valid degree course?

Yes. For degree students, you will get the ID card with the student-ID from the university. For the Diploma and Certificate students, it will be issued from Davinci Media College.

6.Does the creative industry work culture and experience is same like the IT industry?

Most of the jobs in the creative industry are using the computers as their main tool. So you can expect to get the same work atmosphere and culture like an IT industry. Particularly if you are part of a big studios, then limited working time on a shift basis, Air conditioned and comfortable work place, transportation, Canteen facilities, 5 day working week etc. would be same like an IT industry. But having a lot of creative fun would be an added bonus in this industry. Same as IT industry, most of the peers in the workplace will be youth.

7.After +2, 3 year degree or 18/12 month diploma, which is better?

Definitely 3 year Degree: It gives

– in-depth and vast subject knowledge that will allow them to grow faster and higher in their career.

– UGC Degree that will be useful for higher studies, work overseas or business loan

-the student will gain maturity with lot more soft-skills before getting in to the job market.

-better social status as a degree holder

8.For whom the 18/12 month diploma is suitable?

For students who have already completed a degree with 3 or 4 years of education, Diploma will be suitable.

-it allows them to get in to the job quickly within 18 / 12 month period.

-as they would have already incurred expenses, Diploma will be affordable as it cost lesser than a degree

-Due to their higher maturity level, they will be able to manage their job and life better.

9.Does the media industry offers a long term career opportunity?

Of course, with exploding technological innovations, it offers lots of opportunity. Visual media has become an essential part of everyone’s modern lifestyle. Hence, the opportunities will get more and more in the future. Just like any other trade, it is important for the candidates to get updated (but not as fast as IT industry) on a regular basis. We have many of our students who have built their career and life based on this industry for decades.

About the Course

1.What is unique about studying at Davinci Media College as compared to any other degree course in an arts college?

Unfortunately most of the arts colleges (and even engineering colleges) are running their courses only with theoretical knowledge. Hence students, does not acquire any useful skills in their subjects. This leads them to be useless upon completion of the course. At Davinci, it is 20% theory and 80% practical. This makes them employable immediately upon completion of the course.

2.Being 80% practical requires a lot of infrastructure. Does Davinci has the required infrastructure?

We are having 30 years of industry experience, and know what the industry standards are. This helps us to give our students best required experience using the latest hardware, software and methods. So we have equipped ourselves accordingly. This includes computers, UPS, networking, broadband internet, professional digital cinema cameras, DSLR cameras, handycams, GoPro cameras, Non-Linear editing systems, DI Color Correction systems, Lights, Green screen studio and lot more. Please visit us to take a look at our infrastructure.

3.How does the course conducted?

We believe in having fun while still giving the skills and subject knowledge. This is achieved by:

  1. The class room sessions are supported by lots of audio visual materials to give examples of the works that is happening around the world.
  2. The class room assignments are based on fresh materials. The students are encouraged to shoot their own materials for their practice.
  3. We encourage students to see/learn as much as possible from outside resources such as internet and books.
  4. We conduct regular inter-department competition and encourage all the students to participate in it. The works are reviewed in front of everyone as a process to learn from other strength and weakness.
  5. We take students out to field study on a regular basis

4.What about the dress code and other rules in the college?

We feel sorry for students who have to wear uniforms in the colleges. While we want to students to have their freedom in dressing, we will advise any individual student who might chose to wear not appropriate dress for an institutional atmosphere. Students are given a very creative and conducive atmosphere to explore their strengths and improve upon their weakness.


1.How does Davinci helps its students to get placement?

We believe in providing a long terms growth to the students. But that does not stop us from getting them an employment. With a strong personal level contacts with a lots of studios, TV Channels and production houses, our students find it easy to get placed even before they complete their course. We have achieved near 100% employment for our students.


What are the options for staying for outstation students?

Students, both boys and girls find easy and affordable accommodation within a walking distance from the college. This makes their life easy and let them concentrate on the subject. The cost is very affordable, as it includes food and accommodation. We let the students choose their option.

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