The course is centered on making students to find a job in the field of animation. The main focus will be on making him or her to work in Cartoon Animation Production.

Anyone who has a passion for cartoon animation will find this course suitable to them. The course has been designed such a way whether the students with no exposure to any of the any of the form too can perform excellently in this field.

Here is the list of Courses

Bsc in Degree in Animation

1 Years Diploma in Animation

3 Year Diploma in Animation

3 Year Diploma in Animation

Industry Facts

  • Hollywood companies have setup their studios in India, and major share of their recent release done here.
  • English Speaking, Hard working, Low- Cost human resources is the main factor
  • Hollywood movie production’s nowadays employs Indian animators from low-end simple tasks to very high end complex task in the production pipeline.
  • Cartoon Animation, Automobile,Engineering, Architectural, Gaming has a lot of vacancy for Animators
  • Due to IT success, Indian companies are getting a good share of outsourcing jobs in the Engineering, Architectural, and Medical Visualization projects from overseas.