3 Years Diploma in Media Technology

3 Years Diploma in Media Technology

This is a perfect course for any student who want to excel in the field of media in the technical front. Considering the massive growth in the media industry, fantastic opportunities exist in the TV, Streaming, Mobile Media. Students will be able to specialize in their area of preference such as Animation, VFX studio operation, Post Production Studios or TV Channel operation.

Subject Coverage

  • Film & TV studies
  • Still Photography
  • Media Fundamentals
  • Audio Video Technology
  • Videography
  • VFX Workflow
  • Image Editing
  • Data Compression
  • Media Storage
  • Post Production Studio Operation

Job Opportunities

  • VFX Post Production Studios
  • Editing Studios
  • Recording Studios
  • Dubbing studios
  • TV Channels
  • Radio Stations
  • Internet TV Channels
  • Animation Studios

Career Options

  • Visual Effects Studio Engineer
  • Animation Studio Engineer
  • TV channel Engineer
  • Post Production Engineer
  • Videographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Camera Controller
  • Studio Operator
  • Audio Recording Operator

Quick Info

  • Total number of TV Channels in India 883
  • Streaming TV channels are getting more popular due to better internet connections
  • By 2020, 50% of TV viewing will happen in mobile
  • By 2020, 75% internet data will be due to video
  • The international corporate companies, Indian outsourcing companies in the media industry offers openings for media technology students.
  • Students will be learning through practical route apart from theory subjects.
  • DURATION | 3 years
  • ELIGIBILITY | 10th Pass / Equivalent
  • MODE | Full Time

Students Work

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