This course is centered on making the students to find a job in the field of editing in Cinema, Television, Internet, Mobile Media.
Editing is the nerve centre of any media production;. Hence the editors command a great respect in these projects. With advantage of the state of the art non-linear systems, the boundary between Editing, VFX and Color Correction is disappearing fast. So it is easy for an editing student to find jobs in other areas of media production such as direction, cinematography, production etc.,

Here is the list of Courses

Certificate in Advanced Editing

Advanced Diploma in Editing

Certificate in FCP Editing

Professional Diploma in Editing

Certificate in Avid Editing

Industry Facts

  • With already 800+ satellite TV channels, new channels are being introduced every year in India with each channel employing hundred of editors to cater to 24 X 7 operation
  • Local Cable Channels also requires highly skilled editors to compete with the national channels
  • Political parties, Religious outfits, Organisations all have their own channels to promote their views, thus giving huge employment opportunies
  • With 4G introduction, starting a internet TV Channel for a niche market, and reaching to the target audience is becoming affordable to many