Game arts is most demanding course in media industries. Students who are passion in games they can choose this course. This course is designed such a way that students can get job easily in India and abroad.

Here is the list of Courses


3 Year Diploma in Game Art & Digital Design

1 Year Diploma in Game Art & Digital Design

Industry Facts

  • Hollywood companies have setup their studios in India, and major share of their recent release done here.
  • English Speaking, Hard working, Low- Cost human resources is the main factor
  • Hollywood movie production’s nowadays employs Indian animators from low-end simple tasks to very high end complex task in the production pipeline.
  • Cartoon Animation, Automobile,Engineering, Architectural, Gaming has a lot of vacancy for Animators
  • Due to IT success, Indian companies are getting a good share of outsourcing jobs in the Engineering, Architectural, and Medical Visualization projects from overseas.