Finishing School

Davinci Finishing School


Concept of Finishing School is to give deserving candidates a real world experience. The candidate could be a student who is just completing B.Sc (Viscom – Electronic Media, Animation). Or it could be a self-taught artist, who is struggling to get a foot in the industry or even a professional who is already working, but want to move up by exposing themselves to better projects. Through Davinci Finishing School, the candidate will not only will have the opportunity to work, with no prior work experience, they will learn the essential skills that are missing in their choice of the job they have selected. An experience certificate, a demo reel, and a dedicated page in the Davinci Media College website with their profile will get them the job they were looking for.

Positions Available:

  • Roto Artist
  • Match Mover
  • Junior Compositor
  • Compositor
  • Dynamics Artist



  • Candidates will be working in a real project
  • Limited seats per batch
  • Candidates are expected to work with proper professional behavior as needed in a real studio
  • Students performance will be monitored in live condition and they are expected to reach their target, and with no excuses.
  • High end computers and software and other infrastructure
  • Candidates will be working under a project leader with high level of expertise
  • Candidates can use their work as their demo reel with before / after layers
  • Candidates will get an experience certificate
  • Networking opportunity with industry professionals and studios
  • Placement assistance for students in high end studios

Benefits to students:

  • Candidates will be transforming from student to industry artist on completion of the incubation
  • The real world experience gained during the incubation will be able to get them a higher level of salary at the entry point
  • Placement assistance will reduce the time wasted searching for a job
  • They will be able to get to work in projects that will be matching to their skill level

Entry Process:

  • Students have to register in the below given form with their details
  • Students will be informed about their eligibility based on multiple parameters
  • Students will be tested for their current skillset by test and interview that will be required for the project in the pipeline
  • Test outcome will be reviewed by industry professionals and selected once will be informed accordingly
  • Student makes the payment and joins the project